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Blak Brews

Born from a fortuitous meeting with tea connoisseur in 2022, Blak Brews swiftly evolved from a casual conversation to a revelation. Launched by husband and wife Troy and Cerisa Benjamin, it offers a range of exceptional teas and coffee that has garnered an extraordinary response.

More than just a tea brand, Blak Brews acts as a bridge between cultures, inviting people to slow down in a fast-paced world. The founder’s career, spanning from running cafes to hosting radio shows, reflects a consistent goal: creating moments of happiness and connection.

Facing unique challenges, like the art of packing tea, Blak Brews surges forward with rhythmic energy. Beyond flavors, it leverages tea as a conversation starter—a “sneaky, beautiful way” to bring people together, spark meaningful dialogues, and celebrate shared history, culture, and the beauty of the land.

Cheers to Blak Brews—an embodiment of passion, culture, and unity—a journey that transcends the cup, resonating with warmth, stories, and the joy of connection.